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Lifted Wrongfully banned for the Reason:Console.(Longboy)

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So this is what happened. I and my friends were playing and then we got raided. We won the fight but this one guy SoundCloud(something with sound) kept using something to tp in and out of our faction area spawning creepers. Every time we got him low he used something to tp away(I am new to the new Minecraft so I don't know how all the new things work). So when he was done exploded our farm, mine, the house I will admit I told him that he must come to fight me and stop being gay for tping out and in. Then the next day we moved our base and when I was busy with my maps I got a message from [server] saying that this is my 1st and last warning and will get banned for saying bad things towards other players. Then I asked the reason for the warning and the name [sever] said last night. So I assume he looked at the chat logs. So then I told this server person I am sorry for what I said I also apologized towards the people I said bad things to and was on friendly terms with them. I can't remember their names specific. It was ReaperMc, Justin and then SoundCloud(something). We were on friendly terms. Then after the warning I talked to other people as well and talked about memes and this server person said that it is an old meme I have to look it up. So then when I exited my Minecraft to go play league of legends with my friends for a while and returned to Minecraft i was given the following message
Connection Lost
Kicked whilst connecting to lobby: You are banned from this server!
Reason: CONSOLE.

So my issue is that I was banned even though after the warning I did not say anything bad to anyone. I was just talking about memes with the person named lava. Even this server person told me to go look up all of your base belong to us because it is an old meme. So I think it is unreasonable to ban me for CONSOLE(I dont even know what it means I tried to search it and it gave me the meaning that it means to modify your Minecraft account). I did not change anything in my account whatsoever, nor do I know how to. I would really like this unreasonable ban to lifted,because I did apologize to the people i said bad things to and they said it was ok(Justin said so) and also said sorry to this Server person and I was able to play even though I got a warning and did absolutely nothing after the warning to get banned, I just talked about memes with the Person Lava.

I promise you I did not say bad things to people after my 1st warning(i only got one warning) and also did not do anything with my account except logging into it to play Minecraft with my friends. You can check the chat logs after the warning and you will see that I did not say anything bad to anyone and was just talking about memes. Then when I was done playing league I went back to try and play Minecraft but only to receive an ban.Please lift this ban.

I most likely think this is not gonna be fixed,since you banned me cause you think i hacked or is an toxic person.
I am sorry for what I did and wil unbind my chat key.
Please unban I am sorry.
Posted Nov 28, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 29, 18
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Hi there,

I had a look at your account and found you were autobanned for multiple ALT accounts ( Different usernames on the same IP )
Please note this is not allowed as per the rules ( Unless you have another family / friend playing from your connection and you let us know )

Ban was lifted in this case as the ALTS have no activity.

Kind Regards
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Posted Nov 29, 18
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