Hello World!

Due to the increased situations occurring regarding people complaining about items going missing from their survival chests and assumed stolen by parties unknown, I thought of creating this thread for you regard.

Minecraft is, and has always been a game to enjoy with friends and share tools and items among each other. But the thing people fail to realize is that some items were obtained by either donating or won in server events, and those items are less likely to be shared with other players.

I am guessing you might be thinking where is this going...

Well, this comes down to a matter of trust.
We want people to help us build on our claims and help improve the overall look of the place. We decide in the end to trust people on our plots and give them what they need giving them permission to build and break and go crazy.

But trust is a fickle thing as you never know who to trust or how much free reign you want to give people. With this I just want you all to understand, I am not saying do not trust the friends you have made in this world and continue having fun. But be aware that you are allowing these friends to go through your stuff and giving them access to those items you do not want them to use.

What I suggest is and this is just me giving an opinion, make a separate or subdivided claim to put your personal chests on with your items you want to protect or even have them on your person and you can even have it on a separate claim they are not trusted on.

As staff on the server we can not be held responsible for or replace items stolen by those people you allowed onto your claim. We can investigate and we can ask the person(suspected) responsible to return the items.

It is your responsibility to ensure you protect what is yours.

Keep on mining
Your loyal Brakanjan