Good day.

So few things I would like to find out within the factions server that I can't find much information on about or didn't notice in the forums elsewhere.

1: Ranks(recruit, private,major ect.) what do these ranks give you within the factions server more sethomes? or other perks other then a prefix.

2: MCMMO max cap, is there some form of cap limit on the mcmmo skills like excavation 349 or will if continue till 1000+

3: Commands usable like "/sell hand", "/auction" or even "/ah" so that some other form of making money other then sell basic low income items

4: Trade system to use so that you don't have to tp to spawn and back and can safely trade from anywhere and where both sides must first approve a trade so you don't get scammed.

Thanks this is all I can currently think of.