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Shop Suggestions

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Currently the shop seems to fall into six different sections.
Spawn Eggs

Wood has every log, with every plank, with every half slab and every stair type. It's a waste of space and not really needed. Instead sell the logs and sell sapling for each tree so that players don't have to be dependent on the shop for their wood supply if they can't find any trees in the wild.
Spawn Eggs is fine.
Dyes is fine.
Redstone is pretty useful for the those of us who tend to be rich and lazy.
Ores Has every ingot of every ore as well as every ore in its natural form. It's double the space for the same items. Drop the natural forms and keep the ores.
Blocks contains a few blocks that can be crafted from something else that players might want as well.
Stone Bricks - Stone
Chiseled Stone Bricks - Stone Slabs
End Bricks - End Stone
Clay Block - Clay
Bricks Block - Brick
Prismarine - Prismarine Shards
Quartz Block - Quartz
Snow Block - Snow Ball
The reason this is a problem is because it causes a situation where one type of block is easily attainable, but a different block from the same materials is quite hard to get. Selling endstone in the shop would create the possibility for players who want to use it to buy it instead of emptying out the end. Prismarine shards are used to create all three different Prismarine blocks, but we only have one available and the other two are hard to get. It's also used for Sea Lanterns. Clay can be smelted to create bricks to craft a flower pot, not everyone wants brick blocks. Quartz is used in crafting Daylight Sensor and comparator(Available in Redstone section) Snowballs are used to throw players, why take away our fun? Also consider adding some hard to find resources to the shop as well, such as packed ice and Glowstone(dust)

The main issue with the shop(maybe I should have started here) is it doesn't give players a way to make money without ruining the landscape in the process. If you want to make money by selling to the shop it's only things that aren't renewable and that you have to keep ripping apart the world to collect. Add some farmable items to the shop such as cati, carrots, wheat, melons and potatoes and add most or all mob drops to the shop to buy and sell from as well since if you need large quantities of leather, wool, string ect. It takes a lot of time hunting and killing enough animals for it, selling mob drops like otton flesh, ender pearls, gunpowder, ect. can also form part of the economy to make money with spawners.

Thanks for reading and I hope that at least some parts of my suggestion can be implemented.
Posted Jul 2, 17 · OP · Last edited Jan 21, 18
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Good morning :)

its a good idea to keep stock of real hard to find artifacts . (like sponge)

The dyes is good - but can you keep like normal glass ? With the dye we can get our own color glass. (unless you in a desert getting enough sand is mission haha )

anything Nether can definitely be mined on our own. But help with beacon parts can be a major help.

Thanks for all the hard work :)
Posted Jul 3, 17
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Favored Opinions
Awesome suggestion Guitar :) I have been wanting to improve the shop for quite a while, and your idea definitely sounds like it could work!
I will also look into your request IceMan
Please be patient with me though, but know that I do intend to have the shop improved, and more resource friendly within the week.

Again, Thank you kindly for your suggestion. I do appreciate it!

Happy Playing, and see you soon :d
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Posted Jul 3, 17 · Last edited Jul 3, 17
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