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My Votes are Decreasing

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I have a problem with my voting. Everyday I do my voting I don't get paid and recently my votes started decreasing by 3. The votes I did yesterday has just suddenly vanished. I became gold voter that one day and the next day I was back on 97 votes. Yesterday I was on 109 votes and now I am on 106 votes. So I did my voting again and now I'm on 109 AGAIN ! I've reported this to 2 admins and 1 mod and nothing is happening. If this continues then I will find me another server. I want a Donater rank but I will only donate to this server when I have no problems for 2 months Because I'm not donating to a server and then leave the server after a week.
Posted Jun 25, 17 · OP
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Hey there Ghost, thank you so much for voting and all your support in the server, as you are aware there was a big issue on the world and the owners were forced to begin a new world, the new world is running much smoother, but it still needs to be fine tuned. Your cash for the votes you made, was given to you straight after you told us about it last night, we are aware of the situation and you will receive all the cash you did not get for votes you made. I just want to make sure, as I am not certain, did you loose your rank? Or just the votes? I can also assure you that the server is just going to get better from here, but unfortunately it does take a lot of time, as we have more than one server, to cater for all players, donating towards the server also helps to let the server grow. Thank you for letting us know about the voting issue, but please be patient while this is being sorted out. Thanks :)
Posted Jun 25, 17