MC Username: Brakanjan

Age: 31

Previous servers moderated if any: None

Server you are the most active in: Survival and Skyblock

Why do you want a moderator position at RSAcraft?:
Since I started playing Minecraft on servers, I have always seen the role of a moderator to be of utmost importance, to maintain order and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. I have seen them as the "go-to" guys and girls regarding difficult situations and people to get advice from for any given situation.

I have, in the past, helped out those in need when they approached me and gladly gave them the helping hand they deserved. As a moderator, I will be of more help to those in need of it, and go above and beyond what I am capable of now as a member of the server.

I have shown my commitment by voting and obtaining Emerald voter status and donated to uphold this server we call home.
I am a collected person who works in a challenging environment, so I know when to step back and how to assess the situation, so that a fair decision can be made.

I would like to implement these skills as a moderator to maintain RSACraft's high standards, and ensure a fair and fun gaming experience for all.

Thank you for you consideration.

And remember the first rule of Minecraft.