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My weird chat problem. - HoSt

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I don't know why or how. But no one can see my chat in public chat, only when someone whispers to me I can reply (/r) and they can view my chat making it possible to chat to others in that way. Many also said that I can unscramble words on the server. yes I can, and if you look closely you won't see my chat (from my POV) So I don't know how this problem occurred but I'm sure we can fix this little bugger! :d

-have a nice day! :d
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Posted Dec 15, 16 · OP
Hi HoSt5273 so sorry about this buddy. TheNoise is aware of the prob as I posted a msg on the Mod chat. Im sure he will attend to it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience dude <3
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Posted Dec 15, 16
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