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Guide Creating a MCMMO Party

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How to create a party:
/party create <party-name>

To invite players to your party:

/party invite <player-name>

To join an open party:
/party join <player-name>

To leave a party:
/party leave

To kick a member from your party:
/party kick <player-name>

To transfer leadership of the party to another player:
/party leader <player-name>

To completely delete the party:
/party disband

For information about the party you are currently in (Including names of players in party, party level, if party is an open party and more):
/party info

Party Features:
Being in a party has some cool features that unlocks the more Mcmmo XP you gain with your party members close to you.
Party FeatureUnlock Level
Party ChatLevel 1
Party TeleportLevel 2
AlliancesLevel 5
Item ShareLevel 8
XP ShareLevel 10

Feature Descriptions:
Party chat - allows party members to chat with each other.
Party teleport - allows party members to teleport to other party members.
Alliances - allows two parties to team up.
Item Sharing - Picked up items are distributed between the nearby party members.
Xp Sharing - Earned experience is shared with nearby party members.

Feature Commands:
Party Chat:
/p <message> - For a once off message in party chat
/p - Toggles party chat on/off (if you want everything you type to be in party chat or not)

Party Teleport:
/ptp <player-name> - Sends a teleport request to a member from your party
/ptp accept - Accepts a party teleport request
/ptp acceptany - Automatically accepts any teleport request from a party member
/ptp toggle - Turns party teleport for you on/off (Meaning no player can send you requests or teleport to you when its off)

Party Alliance:
/party alliance invite <leader-name> - Form an alliance by inviting the party leader to the alliance
/party alliance accept - Accept an alliance invite
Allies have a shared party chat.

Item sharing:
/party itemshare random - all the near party members will have the same random chance of receiving the item, regardless of the values of the item.
/party itemshare equal - the chance of receiving an item is determined by it's value and how many valuable items a player has received.
/party itemshare none - Turns item share off

XP Sharing:
/party xpshare equal - Whenever a party member earns XP a nearby party member will also receive XP. XP sharing gets a XP share bonus if the number of party members nearby is increased
/party xpshare none - Turns off XP share
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