Ever wondered what you can do on your creative plot?

Here is some of the awesome commands you can use in creative:

/plot claim - claims the plot you are standing on. Note: if the border is made out of quartz slab the plot is claimable
/plot auto - auto claims the next free plot for you. Note: It also teleports you to that plot
/plot home - takes you to your plot. Note: If you have more than one plot do /plot home 1 or /plot home 2 ...
/plot list - lists all the plots you have claimed with their IDs
/plot info - displays information on the plot you are standing on
/plot biome <biome> - change the biome of your plot
/plot biomes - shows the available biomes you can change your plot to.
/plot clear - clears everything from your plot Note: It takes a while so be patient
/plot dispose - makes so that other players can claim your plot
/plot add <player> - Adds a player to your plot so they can help you build
/plot remove <player> - removes a player that has been added to your plot